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PROSPEC® Barriers, Composites and Foams

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PROSPEC® Barriers, Composites and Foams


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PROSPEC Barriers are an ideal solution for isolating  noise and minimizing sound tranmission through walls and or ceilings.  Hang it like a curtain, weave it inside a wall cavity, or mount it over an existing wall to help contain noise. Three different styles are availble to best suite your application.

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Reinforced barrier has an interior mesh-like material allowing it to be hung like a curtain around the noise source.  Office spaces use this barrier as a wall extension from the wall/ceiling junction up through the plenum to the deck. Install it as a partition between manufacturing cells or around machines to help prevent the noise from reverberating through adjacent areas.

Non-reinforced barrier is designed to be attached to walls, unrolled on top of suspended ceilings or woven between studs of a staggered-stud wall construction.

Clear barrier is a see-through curtain material engineered to block sound without blocking vision.  It is perfect for surrounding equipment and work areas where noise reduction is required and visual observation a must.



PROSPEC Foam is ideal for controlling noise at its source.  When used to line compartments, machine enclosures or airvents, these foam  panels help reduce the high noise levels by absorbing the sound energy around and within the space.  PROSPEC Foam panels can be adhered to a partition or wall facing the noise source to lessen the reverberation and sound reflections.  The HPC-coated, SONEX® Mini sculpted surface  is resistant to water, oils, and solvents.

PROSPEC Foam is a great noise reduction solution for applications such as  : boilers, pumps, compressors, HVAC equipment, generators, routers, and saws.


PROSPEC Composite

PROSPEC Composite combines the acoustical absorbtion benefits of PROSPEC Foam with  the noise containment capabilities of non-reinforced barrier into one product consisting of: a 1" thick layer of willtec foam to absorb noise - followed by a 1/8" thick noise barrier to contain noise and reduce sound transmission - backed with a willtec® foam  decoupler to provide air space between the barrier and the mounting surface for optimal noise containment.   These panels come standard with a SONEX Mini sculpted surface and a grey HPC-coated facing for easy clean-up.

PROSPEC Composite is a prefect fit when used: over sub-standard walls between manufacturing plant and offices - to line thin enclosures around machinery, air compressors, or similar noise sources - or in engine compartments.


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