Welcome to Isolation Technology Inc formed in 1989 by partners having many years experience in both the vibration and noise control fields. We engineer, design, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive array of products to solve almost any vibration or noise control problem you may have.


SONEX™, far above the Industry Standard



SONEX acoustical products are the most advanced and safest noise control products available. SONEX acoustical products are crafted from exclusive willtec® material which is free from hazardous fibers, has excellent acoustical performance, and meets ASTM E 84 Class 1 requirements for low flammability. By selecting SONEX, you get the noise control you demand and the assurance of knowing that your employees' comfort, health and safety, as well as regulatory compliance, are uncompromised.

The SONEX family of products provides complete solutions for industrial noise and room acoustical problems. Each SONEX product is engineered for specific applications and most can be tailored to special projects. With the unique characteristics of each SONEX product, innovative uses of SONEX are limited only by your Creativity and imagination. Applications for SONEX include:

  • Schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, swimming pool and exercise rooms and recreation facilities
  • Offices, conference rooms, reception areas, hallways, dining areas, churches and meeting halls
  • Factories and production facilities, warehouses, laboratories and research facilities
  • Clean and wet rooms and food and beverage handling facilities
  • Broadcast studios, video production facilities, recording and editing suites, sound stages and studios
  • Compressor rooms, boiler/ventilation rooms, engine housing areas and equipment cabinets

* Original equipment (OEM) noise control




Isolation Technology has a variety of flexible acoustical barrier and absorption materials to be used as enclosures, barriers or absorbers. These materials can be used as facings for existing rooms and enclosures to increase their noise reduction and/or noise absorption. Isolation Technology also uses these materials and related hardware to construct noise enclosures and modular sound absorbers for any type of noisy equipment or application where noise control is desired.

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Isolation Technology is a distributor of Pinta's "Sonex" line of acoustical absorption materials. Sonex has a wedge shaped pattern formed on its surface to provide increased sound absorption. Sonex is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors to suit all industrial and architectural applications. Sonex is available in a flame resistant configuration for commercial applications.

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Isolation Technology is your source for most industrial exhaust and supply silencers (attenuators). We fabricate attenuators of various materials including galvanized steel, stainless steel and reinforced plastics. These silencers are available in round and rectangular configurations.

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SONEX Acoustic Products offer two distinct advantages over all other acoustical products. First, as the photo above demonstrates, SONEX products are Class 1to withstand extreme temperatures with no flaming drip.   Equally important, all SONEX Acoustic Products are 100% FIBER-FREE, as shown in the microscopic photo above. The reason is willtec®, the material used to manufacture all SONEX Acoustic Products.




SONEX® Value Panels 

SONEX® One Panels

SONEX® Pyramid Panels

SONEX® Mini Panels

SONEX® Classic and SONEX Junior Panels






SONEX® Valueline Baffles

SONEX® One Baffles


WHISPERWAVE™ Ceiling Clouds


PROSPEC® Barriers, Composites and Foams

SONEX® Curtain Quilted Absorber

SONEX® Curtain Barrier Backed

SONEX® Curtain Barrier Septum