Welcome to Isolation Technology Inc formed in 1989 by partners having many years experience in both the vibration and noise control fields. We engineer, design, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive array of products to solve almost any vibration or noise control problem you may have.



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Active Noise and Vibration Control For Every Application

Noise caused by equipment vibration in the workplace can have serious effects on the workers. Vibration noise control measures should be implemented in order to minimize if not totally eliminate the vibration noise. 

Regardless of the application, active control of noise and vibration requires a combination of techniques including the four most common methods used in industries: vibration isolation, use of barriers and enclosures, absorption, and structural damping. Noise and vibration control products are available to help reduce and mask the equipment noise and tremor.

To help determine the appropriate vibration and noise control solution for your manufacturing floor, Isolation Technology, Inc. offers its extensive experience and expertise in the field of noise control and vibration isolation.

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Isolation Technology offers an extensive line of vibration and noise control products, including marine diesel motor mounts and other types of vibration mountings and controls for a range of applications. For more information please contact one of our sales representatives.