Welcome to Isolation Technology Inc formed in 1989 by partners having many years experience in both the vibration and noise control fields. We engineer, design, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive array of products to solve almost any vibration or noise control problem you may have.



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Noise And Vibration Control Mounts To Hinder The Effects Of Tremor

A closed loop control of vibratory excitation, more commonly known as vibration control, is the basis for vibration testing.

Isolation Technology, Inc. manufactures a full line of noise and vibration control products including shock isolators, vibration control mounts, and other anti-vibration and noise isolating devices.

Vibration mountings and controls serve as an efficient and economical way to reduce the harmful effects of tremor that come from industrial or mechanical equipment. When properly integrated into a system, these products provide active control of noise and vibration, which ensures smoother equipment performance and quieter, safer operation.   

Isolation Technology Inc. is a noise and vibration control specialist. Formed in 1989, Isolation Technology, Inc. has been providing comprehensive engineering services that will solve all types of noise and vibration control issues of any of the numerous industries it has served through all the 24 years of its existence. Isolation Technology, Inc. has reliable and credible business principals who share extensive experience and topnotch expertise in the field of noise control and vibration isolation.

We are proud to offer a complete selection of specialized solutions, that range from vibration damping materials to marine diesel engine mounts.

Series C Vibro Isolators are rugged cast iron housed isolators
Series W Vibro Isolators are of exceptionally rugged welded steel construction
WMI is a specifically designed Isolator for use in marine and mobile applications