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SONEX® Trilayer System

SONEX Trilayer System is a new and innovative solution for acoustic test environments. Using a non-traditional approach, this system can provide more space inside the test room or allow larger test units to be analyzed. The SONEX Trilayer System features a combination of resonator, barrier and absorptive material layering to achieve the space savings of 28 to 48 percent over more commonly used acoustic treatments. Because this system needs less space for the same results, facilities may now be able to retrofit existing rooms into anechoic chambers or incur less construction cost for new chambers.

The absorptive layer of the SONEX Trilayer System can be made with different SONEX products – SONEX Flat Panels, SONEX Pyramid Panels or SONEX Max Wedges – and is constructed from pinta's exclusive willtec® material. A protective mesh can be fastened over the top of the absorptive layer but this does not affect the performance of the system.

The unique assembly of the three layers of the system - resonator, barrier and absorptive – provides flexibility in cut off frequencies and test standards used. pinta's technical sales staff can assist with a complete solution – from facility design to final certification of the room.

Global customers using the SONEX Trilayer System include SONY (125 Hz cut off frequency), Continental Brakes (50 Hz cut-off frequency) and Airbus (80 Hz cut-off frequency).

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