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Acoustic Wedges

To achieve free-field conditions within an acoustic test environment for the measurement of radiated sound power and directivity, the testing area must be free from reverberation, feedback and resonance throughout the audible frequency spectrum.  pinta's SONEX® Wedges, cut in a variety of sizes and shapes, are effective materials for use in anechoic and hemi-anechoic chambers.  The acoustical wedges absorb the kinetic energy created by the sound waves.  At the same time, the large surface formed by the wedges increases the total absorptive area to absorb even the long wavelengths of low frequency sound. 

From our traditional SONEX Unilayer System featuring SONEX Super or SONEX Max Wedges to our space-saving SONEX Trilayer system, pinta acoustic works with you to determine the optimal acoustic solutions to meet your testing requirements.  pinta acoustic creates optimal full anechoic and hemi-anechoic environments for the most precise testing and benchmarking in aerospace, automotive, electronics, research, government and hard goods manufacturing.


SONEX Max Wedges

pinta offers a complete solution - from facility design through final certification - with products and expertise to meet the most demanding needs. SONEX Wedges, including SONEX Super and SONEX Max, provide maximum sound...


SONEX Super Wedges

Designed to be used in situations where low-frequency issues are a problem, SONEX Super Wedges are most often found in anechoic test chambers. These 12"x12" wedges are 6 inches thick and feature an exaggerated...

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